Child Development Centre


♣ KE 342 FPFK-CDC ♣

KE342 children on RetreatChildren development centre is church project which is funded by compassion kenya.

The total number of registered children in the project is 270 children who are recruited based on their level of vulnerability; children from very poor family background.

The church mission is to make children to be a promise of hope for future generation. The ministry of children is one of the organs in the kingdom of God. It offers a strong base to holistic child development. It is committed to advocate for children to release them from their spiritual, economic, social; and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults. This project values; integrity, excellence, stewardship and dignity.

The program is mostly concentrated on Saturdays where all the children come at the center. This is because during the week days the children go to school. The project has a curriculum that consists of four dimensions of human development, namely; spiritual domain, cognitive domain, socio emotional domain and physical domain. They are provided with porridge at break and food plus a fruit for lunch.

Other activities carried out at the project include; Health screening, Home visitation, School visitation, Children seminar’s, Skills training, Educational trips, Sports and Games, Family support and Gifts, Parent seminars and sensitization and HIV/AIDs program.